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About The Omega Group

Omega Greenpower’s head office is located in Cairns. The office is located at 102 Scott St, Bungalow and consists of a business office, electrical office and warehousing facility. Inspection is welcomed.

Unlike Other Solar Businesses

Omega Greenpower employs in house accredited solar designers and installers and has electrical capability within the organisation unlike other solar businesses. Most installers are contracted by solar companies as the solar company does not have its own electricians. Omega Greenpower is different from the majority of solar companies.

Your installation warranty remains with the company you purchase your solar system from. Choosing Omega Greenpower means your warranty for the installation remains with us.

Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Currently Omega Greenpower employs 15 staff at its Cairns office. Our staff have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry. All staff members have been working in renewable energy for 2 to 17 years, with a combined experience of over 40 years. Our staff have presented on behalf of the Commonwealth Bank and CEFC (Clean Energy Financial Corporation) on the benefits of solar and their advice is highly regarded. Omega Greenpower is one of the largest installers in Cairns and services from Cardwell to Cape York.

Guaranteed Quality Installations

Omega Greenpower staff are responsible for over 1.5MW of solar in the last two years and 5% of Queensland’s Ergon customer based zero export installations. Omega Greenpower would be one of the largest installers of zero export systems in Cairns. Omega Greenpower have specialised in installing zero export and have never had a zero export design rejected by an energy supplier. Choosing Omega Greenpower guarantees quality installations from a company devoted to supporting the council’s vision for the future since having been a Cairns local business since 1982.

Our Skills & Expertise

We are a Clean Energy Council listed company and have CEC listed designers and installers for on grid and off grid/battery backup solar installations. We are endorsed by our suppliers as installers of their products – Mitsubishi Heavy Commercial as well as Apricus Solar hot water. We are licensed for commercial switchboard upgrades as well as air-conditioning. We have a faultless safety and environmental track record and our preference for solar panel manufacturers and inverter manufacturers who have demonstrated reliability and quality has ensured that the quality of our installations is superior to many.

Our electricians are members of NECA Queensland guaranteeing they are up to date with latest OH&S advice, standards and training.

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Managing Director
Dennis Crossley

Dennis is the Managing Director and Founder of The Omega Group of Companies. His base qualification as a mechanical engineer drives his interest in innovative new technology and products. This qualification and long experience in retailing and distribution systems provides a solid foundation for selection of products with excellent commercial potential and in development of the business model for their exploitation.

Technical & Operations Manager
Simon Primrose

Simon heads up technical, engineering and product development. His primary focus is wind turbine and hybrid power products. Simon has extensive experience in mining and marine engineering. Over a period of 30 years Simon has worked in many overseas locations. The knowledge and experience gained has equipped Simon well to meet the challenges the new sustainable energy products provide.

Technical Engineer
Sarah Harlen

Sarah has been in the solar industry since 1998 having worked with world leaders in solar - Martin Green and Stuart Wenham at the UNSW. Sarah has lived with her family in Cairns for the last 5 years and has been selling commercial solar solutions since 2013. She is responsible for 1MW of Queensland's commercial solar. Sarah is very knowledgeable in all areas of solar and has presented at State conferences on the benefits of solar.

Sales Manager
Greg Fennell

Greg has been in the direct marketing management role for over 30 years. Greg brings a wealth of experience in servicing the needs and care of Omega Greenpower’s customers having done similar roles over that time period and in having had his own successful business. Greg knows that hands on is the only way to run and control a great business and with our staff we have electricians, engineers, gas fitters, storeman and others that are there to service the customers’ needs and the phone is always ON.

32 Years Experience

of renewable energy and engineering in the Cairns region.

15 Staff

with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry.

Finance Available

We have a selection of finance and payment options including Flexi Commercial and Thorn Equipment.

Peace Of Mind

We guarantee our products and provide a warranty for the FNQ operating conditions.

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