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Eco-friendly Generators To Hit Market

A small Cairns company is preparing to release eco-friendly generators for the first time on to Australia’s market.

The Omega Group has imported a number of Chinese-made generators which run solely on gas into Cairns.

The LPG and natural gas units are cheaper, greener and cleaner than traditional diesel-powered generators. The eco generators will save users up to 30 per cent of the cost of a diesel generator.

“The running time is exactly the same kilowatt hour, but the big difference is with a petrol generator, you’ve got to fill it up every couple of hours,” Mr Wilson said.

“On a 9kg gas bottle, it will run for 27 hours.”

The company sees the gas-powered generators as a solution to the Daintree’s power problems. Members of the rainforest community have no access to mains power an shave sought an alternative solution for years. Under a state law, mains power is prohibited to protect the Daintree from development.

However, the heavy rainforest canopy and reliable sunlight means simple solutions such as solar are not viable, with many residents turning to environmentally damaging diesel generators.

Mr Wilson described his generators as being virtually “blackout proof”. “Providing you’ve got some gas in your barbecue gas bottle, you can run your generator,” he said.

Courtesy of the Cairns Post