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Hybrid Lighting Installation Now at Smithfield Village

Omega Green Power Limited is breaking new ground in Cairns this week after months of redesign and fabrication work, as they begin installing our towns first hybrid lighting system at Smithfield Village.

The system is powered by a combination of wind and solar resources. Originally designed by Nheolis, a French company, the system uses a patented horizontal, 3-D downwind scooped blade system.

Omega Group Managing Director, Dennis Crossley describes the system as very cost effective, “As a standalone system it does not require expensive underground trenching and cabling or expensive electricity to operate. Added to that, it is virtually maintenance free.

The light output is 4 times greater than existing street lighting and has 10 times the life expectancy. They’re suitable for highways, remote applications, mining sites, new housing estates, parks, security lighting, boat ramps, or where ever high efficiency lighting is required.

The system is also extremely quiet, Mr Crossley explains, “The blades do not give off any wind shear noise. The total system is virtually silent, producing library standard noise decibel readings. The required start up wind speed is around five knots which is nothing more than a gentle breeze,” he said.

If you live in Smithfield or just want to check out this amazing new technology, you can already see one of the hybrid lights installed right now at Oakville Parade off Smithfield Village Drive.