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Developing Innovative & Effective Solar Power Systems for Cairns

Omega Greenpower Can Design And Install An Energy Solution To Reduce Your Daily Running Costs.

Experts in solar panel installations, our company has helped thousands of people across Queensland increase the sustainability of their home or business whilst reducing their operating and utilities costs. The our solar powers systems prices are competitive without sacrificing quality, ensuring that more people can take advantage of this exceptional technology.

With a proven track record of excellence in renewable energy, our business provides end-to-end service for people seeking solar design and installation services. Using a hand-chosen in-house team of professionals with more than four decades of cumulative experience, we deliver exceptional results for projects of all scale and application.

Reducing your costs with our solar panel installations

Omega Greenpower Can Design And Install An Energy Solution To Reduce Your Daily Running Costs.

We understand that no two projects are alike, so all work is done in close consultation with all stakeholders. Whether for a residential or commercial solar panel system, we’ll work cooperatively with you to understand your needs and your goals and then work to develop a solution that meets all of your requirements within your chosen budget.

Omega Greenpower has been offering commercial energy solutions since January 2008. Approximately 1MW of Queensland’s total of 6.9MW of commercial solar installations installed in 2014 were supplied by our staff. In 2015, Omega Greenpower has supplied and installed 30% of all commercial installations in Queensland. We are trusted across the state for our dedication to using only the most efficient, effective products and the most skilled and qualified labour.

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Omega Greenpower Can Design And Install An Energy Solution To Reduce Your Daily Running Costs.

The Omega Group has been serving the Cairns region since 1982. Our electrical services have always been in high demand because of our attention to detail, rigorous quality control and rigid adherence to all relevant legislation and safety regulations. Our solar services are no exception to this culture of quality, and are delivered state-wide by our skilled technicians.

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Omega Greenpower is an established importer, retailer, distributor and wholesaler of clean green energy products.


Omega Greenpower are true professionals in renewable energy and remote power generation serving rural, remote and commercial customers.


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32 Years Experience

of renewable energy and engineering in the Cairns region.

15 Staff

with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry.

Finance Available

We have a selection of finance and payment options including Flexi Commercial and Thorn Equipment.

Peace Of Mind

We guarantee our products and provide a warranty for the FNQ operating conditions.

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