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Innovative Residential Solar Power Systems for Cairns’ Homeowners

The leading Queensland supplier of residential solar systems. Omega Greenpower helps people across the state live greener, more sustainable and more affordable lives with a range of grid connected, battery backup and standalone systems, offer you the best in residential solar panels solutions.

We are an established importer, retailer, distributor and wholesaler for the renewable energy industry, providing a range of clean and green energy products for the residential sector. Whether for a single two-bedroom home or an entire apartment complex, our services can be tailored to fit any set of circumstances, scaled to meet the exact size and nature of your project.

Omega Greenpower supplies innovative solutions and components utilising the latest technology from proven quality suppliers. This not only ensures longevity of the system but peace of mind that every system is fully approved by Ergon/Energex.

Cutting your costs and your impact on the environment

Investing in one of our systems is not just a great move for reducing your impact on the environment, but it’s also one that saves you money every month on your utilities bills. Modelling by industry analysts shows that Cairns households could save extensively by investing in a solar system – cutting as half to two-thirds off their annual power bill thanks to the abundance of sunlight in Queensland.

In addition to our panels and inverters, we also offer installation of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas generators and dedicated solar hot water units by Apricus ensuring you can enjoy a much cheaper and greener hot shower. Anything involving rapid heating or cooling is always going to be the biggest drain on your power, so get a more sustainable way to heat your water with help from Omega Greenpower.

Choose the experts in residential solar systems

Our CEC accredited installers have over 32 years combined electrical experience and have been installing solar since 2008. Currently Omega Greenpower is responsible for some of the largest solar installations in the Cairns region.

If you are considering solar or energy efficiency measures to reduce your electricity bill and fixed overheads then call our offices today for a free, no obligation quote.


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32 Years Experience

of renewable energy and engineering in the Cairns region.

15 Staff

with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the renewable energy industry.

Finance Available

We have a selection of finance and payment options including Flexi Commercial and Thorn Equipment.

Peace Of Mind

We guarantee our products and provide a warranty for the FNQ operating conditions.

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